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Dear Goddess, 

Our team here at Goddess Yoga International is beyond thrilled to offer you an opportunity that we have never offered before. As you may know, Goddess Yoga is growing substantially! And we need women that emulate the characteristics of Goddess to share this medicine with the country, the continent, and the world!

And that woman is you. This is your offer to become a Master Goddess Yoga Trainer.

We see leadership, we see love & compassion, and we see the skill set needed for you to share this gift with your community and the world.

We currently only have four Master Trainers worldwide. And we would love you to join our team. We understand that is a huge commitment and a once-in-a-life time offer. So we have come up with this plan for you to join the movement in an affordable and doable manner. 

    The Opportunity: 

    What we are offering you:

    In this program, certified instructors deepen their knowledge of Goddess Yoga and learn how to run Goddess Yoga trainings, and get trained to certify other women to become Goddess Yoga Instructors through the following program:


    *1 in-person apprenticeship of a Goddess Yoga Teacher Training (June 23-26, 2023 in Sedona, Arizona) under the guidance of both the founder, Holly Kellogg and two of our Sedona Master Trainers Emily Morin and Samantha Jordan. You will have your own copy of a Master manual at the training of "how to run" each part of the training and create a schedule to follow along with.

    *July to December: monthly group on-line call including support and ongoing training.

    *July to December (2023) weekly Voxer group support scheduled hours

    *Accountability sister in the program

    *Discounted in-person support with Emily or Sam in your first training (if desired) at 20% of total profit to your Master Trainer assistant (For example, if training is $2000/woman, you would pay $400/woman to assistant) with a minimum of 10 women, OR at the discretion of the Sedona Master Trainer

    What is required of you:

    $15,000 payment for the training and title of Master Training that can be paid in two ways:

    1. Pay in Full and you will receive $2k off so price will be $13k

    OR by the following opportunity:

    2. For the June 23-26, 2023 training, your payment of $2000 will be applied to the $15,000 due. For every woman that you have attend at the $2000 certification cost, you get 50% of their training payment towards your $15,000. For example, if you have 3 women attend, you will have $3000 towards your training and your $2000, so a total of $5000 already paid off. The remaining balance can be paid in payments until December, 2023, that will be pre-set up through our website.

    To keep the title of “Master Trainer” active, a $555 annual fee is required. For each instructor training held by the Master Trainer, Goddess Yoga will receive 15% of gross sales, due at the start of every Goddess Yoga Instructor Training the Master Trainer holds. This Membership Fee allows Client: (a) the rights to continued use of the title “Goddess Yoga Master Trainer” (b) access to any and all updated lessons and teachings as they are released into the Program, such as continuing education to advance Client’s mastery with no extra tuition cost.  (c) membership to the Goddess Yoga International Online Membership which includes online weekly classes, a monthly sisterhood circle video call and more.

    200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT) or proof of enrollment in one is required--- Goddess Yoga International will be launching our very own 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified program in 2024, so if you commit to taking that, this will be considered "enrolled" in a 200 hour program. 

    Potential Earnings with Goddess Yoga Master Trainings:

    Imagine:1 training= 4 days. 

    10 woman ($2000/woman)= $20,000 profit. 

    Costs: $3000 to GYI, $600 merchandise, Rental Cost (or trade!)

    Net: $16,400 a training!

    Imagine doing 4 trainings (16 days) a year: $65,600 a year!!

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