$425.00 USD

Goddess Teaching Salon | Post Graduation

The post-graduation salon consists of four sessions that are two hours each and is tailored to help you feel confident teaching.

The first three sessions break down each section of class, and you'll spend time practicing, cueing, embodying, and finding music for each section. The fourth and final session we bring everything together, we’ll go over the movements and playlist, and then you’ll practice teach the entire class to Mallory. Afterwards we’ll do a feedback session to leave you feeling confident and empowered to go off and teach. 

By the end of this salon you’ll leave with a playlist and class you can teach anywhere, anytime!

This option is wonderful for those women who:

  • have never taught a yoga class
  • want extra one on one support
  • want to create a foundational class that they can use and reuse (with small tweaks) going forward.

The post graduation salon is $425.