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What does it actually mean to "Awaken your Inner Goddess"?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We have all been seeing things in our culture lately about being a Goddess or owning your Inner Goddess-

But what does that mean? Ok love the idea but, how?

You can read as many books or take courses that teach us different practices or rituals or concepts, but what I have found in my own life is it can be great information, but how do you actually live it? Embody it? Own it?

This is now my seventh year on this journey of teaching Goddess Yoga-

And I have seen women tap in to their feminine, primal, sacral energy and literally transform within one Goddess Yoga experience- because goddess is about sensual movement and owning the primal life force sexual energy thats already inside of us- its tapping into that energy and letting it course through our veins, bringing it into our bodies, not just our minds.

If you are desiring a way to re-connect or awaken that part of yourself- your Inner Goddess-

That means feeling turned on, lit up, alive, sensual, radiant - then consider stepping into this lifestyle.

The Goddess Yoga Lifestyle.

Our next instructor training is coming up here in Sedona and women from all over the country are gathering to learn how to teach Goddess and share this magic with their communities and show up embodied in their life-

Inviting you to take this step if you feel called...

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