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Full One Hour Class - $22

Explore transformative Goddess Yoga—melding belly dance, kundalini breathwork, free dance, and singing—to ignite a deep, sensual flow that awakens creativity, personal truth, and self-love in rituals connecting to oneself and the Divine.

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Your curated journey is only $111 monthly 
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Monthly Goddess Journey 

Founder Holly Kellogg takes you through a Goddess Yoga class that has medicine for you to lean into and practice for the month. 

Sensuality Practices

Each month Holly blends in Erotic Blueprint practices as well as unique rituals to ignite your sensuality.  

connection with the temple community 

Join a circle of women on the same path of awakening their Inner Goddess. 

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Let Others Inspire You.

"Goddess Yoga is where my sultry bad girl comes to dance wildly and yet, meets my pure inner child with grace and stillness."

Kate Russell, Las Vegas

"I can say from the depths of my heart that I have been transformed. Goddess has given me strength, courage, and confidence I've had hidden for years"

Michelle Rice, Rocky Mountain House, Canada

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