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Goddess Teaching Salons

1:1 sister mentorships for Goddess Yoga Teachers

Feeling like you want more support when it comes to teaching? Are you stuck making a playlist? Do you need help cueing? Then this is for you!

The Goddess Yoga Teaching Salon is a one on one session with Samantha or Mallory where you will dive into techniques for cueing, teaching, and curating the perfect playlist. You’ll practice teach, give and receive feedback, hone in on goddess movements, learn how to embody your inner goddess, and/or create a playlist together.

one-off salon

A one-off salon is two hours long and you get to choose what you want to focus on. Perhaps you want to practice teaching and cueing. Maybe you just want help making an amazing playlist. Or you’re looking to really get to know and embody all the movements of Goddess. Whatever you want to improve on it will be the sole focus for the session. 

This option is great for women who are already yoga/fitness teachers and/or just want support on one or two things.

You can book as many one on one sessions as you want or need. One session is $149.

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Post-Graduation salon

The post-graduation salon consists of four sessions that are two hours each and is tailored to help you feel confident teaching.

The first three sessions break down each section of class, and you will spend time practicing, cueing, embodying, and finding music for each section. The fourth and final session will bring everything together, we’ll go over the movements and playlist, and then you’ll practice teach the entire class to Samantha or Mallory. Afterwards, we’ll do a feedback session to leave you feeling confident and empowered to go off and teach. 

By the end of this salon you’ll leave with a playlist and class you can teach anywhere, anytime!

This option is wonderful for those women who have never taught a yoga class, want extra one on one support, and/or want to create a foundational class that they can use and reuse (with small tweaks) going forward.

The post graduation salon is $425.

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Why a salon? 

In the 17th and 18th century, when it was forbidden for women to get an education, they went underground and got together for salons. Society thought they were drinking tea and talking about women things like babies and baking, but really they were educating themselves on science, politics, philosophy, and art. 

And that’s exactly what we are doing, but now the forbidden is feminine leadership, embodied sensuality, and sexual liberation. 

Meet Your Salon Hosts ...


Samantha's love for authenticity, depth, and soul is reflected in her classes, spaces, and playlists. Originally trained in a hatha-vinyasa flow from the Sacred Valley of Peru, Samantha's relationship with yoga has been rooted in the return to the mother, a return to balance since the get go.

Since immersing herself into Goddess Yoga, Samantha has experienced a re-coming of age, a total reintroduction to her own womanhood and her erotic innocence. Samantha understands how powerful (life changing!) a well curated Goddess Yoga class can be, and this drives her passion for supporting other women in teaching this life altering practice in the most powerful, professional, and authentic way.

Samantha will help you find your unique voice and give you confidence to use it.


Mallory is a Goddess Yoga teacher who is passionate about femininity, cueing, and music. She earned her 500 hour YTT and has been teaching yoga classes heavily based in music since 2017.  

During her teacher training she spent months learning how to curate and combine music to take her students on a journey physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She knows how to effectively transition beats, combine musical artists, and artistically build classes you can feel. 

Additionally, her teacher training spent months diving into cueing techniques, tonation, empowering verbiage, and dictation. Combined with her studies of femininity she can help you use your words in a powerful and sensual way to invoke more from your students and allow them to sink deeper into their practice.

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