Goddess Yoga Certification in sunny Sedona

Holly Kellogg will teach you how to confidently lead a 90-minute Goddess Yoga class

April 26-28th 2024 - Sedona, AZ


In this Goddess Immersion, you will receive:

  • 3-day Goddess Yoga Training, including the Eden Star Sanctuary integration day. Organic lunch and snacks included ( value $2400 ) 
  • All Goddess Yoga Instructor Materials: Goddess Cards, Violet Flame Oil, Goddess Yoga 2024 copyrighted Manual ( $130 ) 
  • Online Training Videos and materials ( $1500 ) 
  • Somatic Release Training ( $500 ) 
  • Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough group session ( $500 ) 
  • Goddess Yoga Business Building Workshop ( $500 ) 
  • Ongoing monthly support Zoom calls with founder Holly Kellogg ( $1200 )

Goddess Yoga Awakens and Activates your Inner Goddess through ritual and movement. 

You will learn eastern and western philosophy in how and why the movements in Goddess Yoga create profound transformation and huge breakthroughs for women. 

You will learn your unique Erotic Blueprint, deepening your understanding of your own eroticism and how this can become your superpower as a Goddess Yoga Instructor, as well as create breakthroughs in your intimate relationships. 

Learn how to create safety in your class by understanding how deep emotions are released in Goddess and how to curate a deeply healing experience for your students. 

You will receive business-building tools to empower you to create your own community and income through teaching Goddess Yoga. 

You automatically receive a spiritual upgrade when you step into this weekend container. You step into a new frequency by bringing this healing modality and medicine to heal yourself and other women.

We like to say, after running these trainings for the last 9 years, that saying yes to teaching Goddess Yoga means you begin to receive blessings and opportunities, and doors open in a new way. 

We are celebrating you saying yes to yourself and being a leader of the uprising of the divine feminine on this earth.


This weekend training will teach you how to confidently lead a 90-minute Goddess Yoga class even if you've never taught before

Founder Holly Kellogg will personally guide you through the experience of a lifetime.

This Sedona certification is a rare chance to be personally certified and mentored by the Goddess who started it all.

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