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There is a saying among Goddess fans- 

There is the you "before" Goddess and there is the you "after" Goddess. 

This is not just a class, it's an experience, a soul journey. One that leaves you pulsing with aliveness, ready to shed old ways, turned on and ready to show up- ready to answer the call of your soul. 

Linsey Frawley 

My name is Linsey, and I just recently had the opportunity/blessing to be a part of the Goddess Yoga training.

From the first class to this very moment in time that I’m writing this .... I have changed. I have began to become the woman I’ve always known was “in there.” the woman I’ve always wanted my son meet. The woman my husband has ALWAYS seen. The woman I never wanted to stop becoming. Perhaps the one thing that I hold dear to my heart through this transformation is that I never want to stop growing. Before Goddess ... I thought I was already done. This is only the beginning of my incredible life ... my light that I have inside & I finally feel ready to let it shine. I’ve never understood what “speaking your truth” really meant. 

To be part of a ✨Sisterhood✨like this has been an humbling honor. My only experiences with women throughout my life have been tumultuous and negative. I assumed all women were manipulative and vindictive. To gather in a circle and truly hear one another ... witness one another ... & realize we are all petals of the same flower has changed my life in ways I’m still learning every day. It’s an incredible feeling to realize that you love YOUR own voice ... you love YOUR own body ... and YOUR own heart (especially when you realize that you’re worth it) 

Goddess has brought me to a place in my life that I will never leave but will always keep moving toward. 

Thank you for this gift. I’ll never stop “showing up” for myself or my sisters.


Devon Olivia 

Thank You so much for sharing this work - going through the training videos I feel such deep gratitude for you sharing your gifts with the world and the opportunity to be a part of this lineage. Thank you for lighting the way and sharing with such joy and love. I had a full cerimony just through the teachings, it feels so good in every one of my bones- like Ive done this in so many lifetimes and I am finally coming home to my truth. Ive had chills and tears of gratitude the entire time. 

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