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Holly Schakelaar 
Creator of Goddess Yoga and certified Erotic Blueprint Coach

I have been on my journey of self awareness through yoga for almost 20 years. I was blessed to open my own Yoga Studio in N.C. 7 years ago called Be Unlimited Yoga and got to share the practice that changed my life with thousands of students.

When my marriage began to suffer from the pressures of running a business, being a mother and not getting my needs met-- I began to look for answers.

I discovered how much I was disconnected to my sexuality and how much my body craved the sensual movement in Goddess Yoga™. It was a game changer for me-- it helped me realize that I was putting all my needs last - and after my very first time moving in this way, I was empowered to speak my truth that had been stuffed down inside me for years. It changed me as a woman and the direction of my life. Goddess Yoga has transformed thousands of women and it's my life's mission to share this medicine with women around the world.  


Holly Schakelaar

E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

Yoga Alliance ID: 176272

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