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This is your one beautiful life...Let's infuse it with GODDESS MAGIC. 

This is your one beautiful life...

Let's infuse it with GODDESS MAGIC.  

Hi Love, I'm Holly-

Here is my story of struggle and sadness, to finding my truest happiness and feeling lit up by my life.

I found Goddess, or should I say Goddess found me at the lowest point of my adult life. The funny thing is, it looked like I had everything on the outside: a devoted husband, a sweet little boy, I owned a yoga studio in a sleepy little beach town, it seemed like I should have been happy and content...

But inside I was dying...

Feeling the intense pressure inside my marriage that I just ignored most of our relationship, the expectation that I was to behave a certain way, that I was not to be “too much”, and should just be happy with “good enough”. That I should never share my past as it was shameful to him. 

 When I met my husband, I was a dancer– a stripper. 

I was ready to leave that lifestyle and experience something else in my life when we met so I quit dancing. 

When I decided to have a baby it felt like I was no longer allowed to be sexy or too sexual or have too many desires. 

I was supposed just to be a Mom and wife and that old version of me was supposed to die. 

But the truth of it all was that I was still a wild child at heart and a rebel and a sexual being who still craved play, fun and pleasure, and the freedom to express myself. 

I missed dancing and playing and feeling liberated.

I missed feeling free and, having money, and being able to travel! I missed feeling beautiful! 

By the time I realized I could not let that part of me die, I was married, had a yoga studio, and lived in a small town in the bible belt. 

I was carrying the stress of the success of the studio on my back, and then it seemed I became an employee to my husband, instead of a wife. 


We rarely had sex, never traveled, never had money, and for sure, I was not having fun. 

I was depressed, desperate, and physically ill. 

I realized I had sold myself out. 

I had no idea what to do. I began to ask the universe, higher powers, and God and my angels to please show me what to do. 

That's when Goddess came into my life.  

Like a ray of light literally like the clouds parting and the sun shining into my heart, it came through.  

I was guided to co-create this practice literally from angelic guidance ( or what I would call a miracle ). 

My body was in such burnout from traditional hot yoga, that when I began to move in the soft, juicy, sensual ways, I literally cried. 


Laughed and then cried. 

It was like the circular and sexy movements unlocked what I was so deeply trying to bury deep inside. 

I realized in that very first practice I had been living my life for everyone around me and giving up all my desires to please my husband and he still wasn’t happy! 


I realized I was feeling like I was going to die because I was literally abandoning myself on every level. 

I left that practice and cried for hours until I found that I had the courage to speak my truth. 

I sat my husband down, and I told him all the things I had been too scared to say, the things I was no longer willing to tolerate, that I was going to start living for me and not trying to put myself in a box for him.

It was the beginning of my liberation. 

It was the end of that marriage.  

And it was the re-birth of my souls journey to reclaiming a life I love. 

I am now a living testament to the miracles and magic that Goddess Yoga has given me and continues to give me. 


I am now married to the love of my life whom I run Goddess Yoga with, he is deep service to me and worships me on every level, as I do him.

I live on land that has such beauty it’s sacred. 

I have a business that impacts women’s lives around the world, I get to express myself freely and indulge in pleasure and play daily. 


This is my desire, and my mission on this earth at this time,  is for Goddess Yoga to liberate you. 

To show you the magic and the miracles that happen when we open our bodies up to remember we are the goddess incarnate.

You, Sister, are here to live your biggest and best life, and to access that we move our bodies in this sacred way, we receive these ancient codes that are infused in the Goddess Yoga movements.   

We are activated and awakened from the slumber of boredom and servitude.

This is your one beautiful life, and let's infuse it with GODDESS MAGIC.

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