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Each Goddess has a Story

And our stories have been connected since the beginning 

What is Goddess Yoga?

The art of sacred and sensual movement.

Share Circle -  We begin each practice with a share circle, creating a sacred and safe place to be witnessed, seen, and heard for speaking our truth. This allows each of us to realize we are all on this journey together and most of the time what we witness in another woman's story mirrors our own. 

Ancient Rituals - Next we bring in the use of rituals to awaken your mind-body connection. Rituals allow you to set powerful intentions to connect deeply- first with yourself, then with your sisters, then with the Divine. 

Sacred Movement - The physical practice is a belly dance inspired flow interweaving sacred and sensual movement, shadow work, and wildly delicious free dance. Through movement we open up blocked emotions, release stuck energy, experience pleasure in our bodies, and allow the Divine Feminine Goddess within to blossom. 

Soul Activation - As we wind down class we bring in a short kundalini inspired breathwork section to build your feminine life force energy as well as singing (or belting) to liberate your throat chakra and rewire your nervous system to be comfortable speaking your truth. These are powerful and transformative moments in class that will leave you deeply connected to your heart, intuition, sisters, and The Divine.


Goddess Codes

Self Love

Am I honoring myself?


Does this bring me joy?


Am I in alignment?


Does this bring me freedom?

Who are we?

We are REBELS, REVOLUTIONARIES, and LIBERATORS here to rewrite the narrative of what it truly means to be a woman. We are reclaiming our divine feminine right to pleasure in our bodies and in our lives.

Our yogic background

We are woman who span the depths of what it means to be in our womanhood from training as practical priestesses to over 12 years of collegiate education, we know in our bones how to cultivate powerful healing and educational journeys.  

We have over a 1,500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings in yogic philosophy, 8 limbs, ayurvedic wisdom, Bikram foundational, vinyasa flow, aroma yoga, chakra & endocrine yoga, yin yoga, tantra, and of course, Goddess Yoga.

Together, as a sisterhood, we have taught thousands of hours of yoga since 2012, have facilitated over 30 yoga trainings world wide, and have owned and operated a yoga studio for 5 years.

Meet the Sedona Team

Holly, Goddess Yoga Creator & Founder

What turns me on?
Laughing so hard until I cry, rule breaking, inappropriateness, the love and turn on between me and my husband, and the way we play. Good food and morning sex turn me on. Lingerie and lap dances, surprises and adventures. 
Peak moment on your mat:
To be honest I have had so many that now when I practice I just expect a huge breakthrough or epic connection with the divine that impacts me deeply. I have angelic visitations and conversations. I have used Goddess as my place of deepest worship and safest place of coming home. 
When I got my implants out recently it was a journey so deep into releasing old outdated stories I had of myself and coming to a true place of love for my body and what it does for me through all the changes of life. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror when I first got them out, it was so painful to see what I had done to myself putting plastic in my body and then removing it. 
Goddess was the only place I could look in the mirror and actually love what I saw, I loved the way I moved and the sacredness of my vessel. I learned to love the way my body looked all over again and continue to every class. 

Emily, Master Trainer & Curriculum Queen

Tell us something we wouldn't suspect:

I was a very angry and violent teenager. I played rugby and Muay Thai Kickboxing growing up. I had so much pent up emotions and feelings that came out through explosive force with my body. When I graduated high school and moved to the city, I found yoga and was able to channel those emotions and feelings in a very different way rather than in physical altercation with others. 

Peak moment on my mat:
While leading one of the Goddess Yoga teacher trainings, I was feeling a typical pattern of mine which is "rush and haste". I dislike feeling that and yet I find myself rushing others. I felt so overwhelmed that I had to leave the room.
On my mat, I was able to tap into the root of this pattern, which was during the birth of my child, how rushed I felt and how much pressure the medical system put on me to have a timeline. Tears streamed down my face in class as I listened to the wounded part of me and felt all of those feelings that I did not give myself time to feel because I was in survival mode and putting my child first.  I have since become aware of this core wound and been able to shape my life differently to be gentle on myself and on others when it comes to time. 

Sam, Master Trainer & Revolutionary Bad Girl

What’s your story with finding goddess?

I first found Goddess in January 2021. I went to class with my dear friend Jonathan, and when Holly saw us walk in, she stood up and warmly said she was sorry, but the class was for women only! As I turned to go with Jonathan, Holly looked me in the eyes and said “Honey. you're staying.” 

So I did and my life changed forever that day. 

I cried on my mat to a remix of Sexy Back and thought to myself, "this is amazing, if there's a yoga teacher training for this I need to do it." As Holly put us in savasana, she said, “The next teacher training is coming up in March! Talk to me at the desk after class.” 

I talked to her after class, immediately signed up for that training, even got to teach my first workshop on “the art of journaling” at that training! Since then my life has transpired into pure magic. Literally I couldn't have dreamt it this good.

Peak moment on your mat:

I mean… most classes are a sacrilegious experience. MANY classes are a peak moment and it is truly INSANE.

There are moments I experience in goddess yoga that are so beyond words I cant even begin… 20+ women in full surrender, pink lights, loud music, women coming home to themselves, all through the power of a container that I get to curate…When I get to witness women releasing their inhibitions while pressed against a wall, or surrender on their mat rolling side to side, I just cannot believe what this practice allows for. It is other-worldly. 

Our Team Around the World

Mallory, Marketing Queen & Webmaster

How was your wild woman reborn?

My wild woman was reborn in phases. It didn't happen magically overnight, it unfolded as I chose to take my power back and rewrite old stories that were no longer serving me. My wild woman was reborn each time I got fed up with my own bullshit. 

I dove deep into feeling feelings I’d ignored for decades, learned how to embody my divine feminine (hello Goddess Yoga), and reconnected to my purpose.

I took leaps of faith, like moving to Sedona, quitting my corporate job, and listening to my inner knowing. It was fucking terrifying (and still is). But, now my wild woman is here to stay and she’s a constant reminder that no matter how challenging it may seem, fighting for my wildness is the most righteous act of self love I can give myself.

Peak moment on the mat:

I was feeling exceptionally raw and vulnerable that day. My old habit was to isolate when I felt this way but I was tired of hiding. So I set an intention to be brave and break patterns.

I hated crying in front of others, I had so many stories associated with what that meant. But I went against all those stories and let down my walls, shared deeply in circle, and cried the entire time from opening to savasana.

As I opened the door to leave the yoga room, feeling a little embarrassed about how emotional I was during practice, there was a line of women waiting for me. They hugged and embraced me, showered me with kind words and affirmations, and invoked the biggest version of me to stay and play.   

And that's the day I abolished the last of my sisterhood wound.


About Goddess Yoga.

"Goddess Yoga unleashes your emotions and inner wildness through movement and music! The GY Team - a group of totally embodied, iconic and magical women - facilitate self discovery for each woman in their presence, with a ceremonial, divinely feminine approach. "

Kaycee, Phoenix, AZ

"The first class I took was hard for me but I saw how it dug up deep issues that needed to see the light. Each class brought me closer and closer to the woman I've felt trapped inside me for years. It showed me that I can be sexy regardless of my size. Now I find myself dancing, flipping my hair, and laughing almost everywhere."

Summer, Rocky Mountain House, Canada

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