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Goddess Yoga is the new way for women to practice the art of sacred and sensual movement.

Your profound transformation begins now.

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"The first class I took was hard for me but I saw how it dug up deep issues that needed to see the light. Each class brought me closer and closer to the woman I've felt trapped inside me for years. It showed me that I can be sexy regardless of my size. Now I find myself dancing, flipping my hair, and laughing almost everywhere."

Summer, Rocky Mountain House, Canada

"I can say from the depths of my heart that I have been transformed. Goddess has given me strength, courage, and confidence I've had hidden for years"

Michelle Rice, Rocky Mountain House, Canada

"Goddess Yoga unleashes your emotions and inner wildness through movement and music! The GY Team - a group of totally embodied, iconic and magical women - facilitate self discovery for each woman in their presence, with a ceremonial, divinely feminine approach. "

Kaycee, Phoenix, AZ

"Goddess Yoga is where my sultry bad girl comes to dance wildly and yet, meets my pure inner child with grace and stillness."

Kate Russell, Las Vegas

Hey beautiful, I'm Holly.

Let me share with you my vulnerable journey from pain to discovering the magic within, as the founder of Goddess Yoga International.

On the surface, my life seemed perfect - a loving husband, a wonderful little boy, and my own yoga studio in a charming beach town. But deep down, I was crumbling.

My marriage chipped away at the essence of who I was ‚Äď a wild, passionate soul and a dancer. When I became a mother and wife, I felt boxed into a stifling role, losing my freedom and sense of beauty. The once vibrant me was wilting away.

That's when Goddess found me, it brought me back to life!  Through angelic guidance, I co-created this sacred practice, Goddess Yoga.

My mission is to help you discover your own goddess magic. You, sister, deserve your biggest and best life. Through Goddess Yoga, we awaken our true selves, liberate our spirits, and infuse our lives with sacred wonder.

Let's embrace our divine power together, igniting the world with our radiance and Goddess magic.

Here is my full journey...

Ways to Activate your Inner Goddess and lead your own students


Sedona AZ

Become a Goddess Yoga teacher with founder Holly Kellogg in the beautiful red rock country

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This online training will teach you how to confidently lead a 90-minute Goddess Yoga class even if you've never taught before

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