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Goddess Yoga Retreat in Sedona at Eden Star Sanctuary

Holly Kellogg will take you through an experience of a lifetime. 


We have these available dates in 2024

October 11-13 2024


In this Goddess Immersion, you will receive and experience:

  • This 3 day retreat takes place at Eden Star Sanctuary- Holly's home, where you will be immersed in nature on a 4 acre old growth forest on pristine Oak Creek just outside of Sedona. Where we will be luxuriating in nature and water, and practicing Goddess Rituals while learning the the deeper meanings and teachings of how Goddess Yoga transforms women. ( value $2400)
  • Organic lunch and snacks included
  • All Goddess Yoga Instructor Materials: Goddess Cards, Violet Flame Oil, Goddess Yoga 2024 copyrighted Manual ( $130 )
  • Online Training Videos and materials ( $1500 )
  • Somatic Release Training ( $500 )
  • Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough group session ( $500 )

What Goddess Yoga Awakens in women:

Love for their body

Deepens their ability to receive pleasure 

Feeling safe in speaking their truth

Feeling lit up and turned on again in life

Deeper understanding of their eroticism

Ways to feel connected to their deeper purpose

Feeling radiant and sexy again, in an easy and fun way


Goddess Yoga Awakens and Activates your Inner Goddess through ritual and sacred and sensual movement.


In this retreat you will learn eastern and western philosophy in how and why the movements in Goddess Yoga create profound transformation and huge breakthroughs for women.

You will learn your unique Erotic Blueprint, deepening your understanding of your own eroticism and how this can become your superpower as a Goddess Yoga Instructor, as well as create breakthroughs in your intimate relationships.

Learn how to create safety when you share Goddess Yoga ( if you choose to share Goddess with other women ) by understanding how deep emotions are released in Goddess and how to curate a deeply healing experience for your students.

You will receive business-building tools to empower you to create your own community and income through teaching Goddess Yoga. OR if you are attending just to fill your own cup, learn how to create the perfect environment and playlist for your own private Goddess Yoga experience at home.

Step into a new frequency by bringing this healing modality and medicine into your life...to heal yourself and if you are called, to heal other other women.

We like to say, after running these retreats for the last 9 years, that saying yes to Goddess Yoga means you open up on a deeper level to receive blessings and opportunities, and doors open in a new way.

We are celebrating you saying yes to yourself and being a leader of the uprising of the divine feminine on this earth.


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Why are women having such life changing breakthroughs in Goddess Yoga?  


Through the heart and hip circles, and other sacred and sensual movements unique to Goddess Yoga, we are no longer in our masculine, thinking or logically trying to awaken our Inner Goddess-

We get to unblock and unleash and  actually FEEL our own powerful Goddess energy come alive in our bodies.

This is the way of the feminine. 


What makes Goddess Yoga so unique and deeply transformational is that with Goddess you get to EMBODY Goddess energy, you get to actually feel what it means to tap into your own power and Goddess energy. You get to FEEL your body come alive, you are able to really drop in and FEEL your sensual nature, your ability to tap into pleasure and your bodies wisdom can come through.

Through Goddess you are able to truly tap into your intuition and your deepest truth so you can feel LIBERATION in your life.

This starts as a practice, and then becomes a lifestyle.