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Temple of the Goddess

You have arrived, at the doorway to The Temple...

Are you ready to Feel Sexy Again? 


The Temple of The Goddess

Awakening your inner Goddess anywhere, anytime


What's included in your membership

A new journey every month

Each month a new Goddess Yoga class and journey is led by our founder, Holly Kellogg.

Sensuality Activation

 Holly Kellogg, founder and sex coach, infuses sensuality-activating codes in each monthly practice.


Collective connection is at your fingertips through our community portal, message boards, and group chat.

Goddess Yoga Playlists

Easy access to the hottest playlists created by Goddess Yoga master trainers. Sink in to your divine feminine through music

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Love Notes

Let Others Inspire You.

"I’ll never forget my first goddess class. I walked in anxious and reserved and left radiant and powerful.  Goddess unlocked my sensuality and healed my deep sisterhood wound. It is more than just connecting to your body, it’s also about feeling heard/seen in a community abundantly rich with unconditional love and empathy."

Nicole Danish, Detroit, MI

"Goddess Yoga is the homecoming of the wild woman untamed within all of us, a safe space to move through trauma and outdated stories into our fullest expression."

Hannah Krusenbaum, Victor, ID

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